3:14 am

by Aaron Chavez. (Trigger Warning: implied SA, suicidal ideation) Popcorn ceilings  Battery 16% Is typing….. Wyd  Demon time. Zzzzz…. Zzz…… zz…. 2 years The moment haunts you It repeats, every graphic detail Every second Every nerve of pain His anger, your fear Over and over Over and over. 1 year ago He kisses your neck... Continue Reading →

Spring 2023 Newsletter

From Sarah Leamy, one of the editors and founders of GQL. Spring 2023, Updates and Calls for Submissions Hello Friends,              First off, HOW ARE YOU? Are you surviving the cold? I’ve been lucky enough to work from Baja California, Mexico this winter and I almost feel a bit guilty as I watch the news and... Continue Reading →

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