Deus Ex Machina by Sarah Isbell

Dehydrated androgyny soars

high as ornate headdresses dance

blithely among vividly obvious hues

scattering bright orange romance

infecting gender stereo doors

with sprinkles of frivolous cues.

A full house, three queens

over two diamond jacks,

painted by camera lens,

as gender bends, away

in android jones style gluttony

– deus ex machina –

breaking free of brains

filled with rigid formulas

of how things should and shouldn’t be.

Android Jones is all I see…

Blistering sex is genderless

in these anti-square Δ circles,

and she looks stunning to me.

BIO: Sarah Isbell is an accomplished poet, author, songwriter, and musician who currently resides in McKinleyville, California. She is the author of four published books.

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