A Poem by Caleb N. Gonsalves:

Complex Math Formulas  I don’t always feel like myself  I’ve been described by so many words,  Labels thrown in my direction  They were so convincing,              fooled me for years.  Pieces of myself,              at least the parts I understand Pull me apart, divided in two Neither side fully me             and I not complete without both. The... Continue Reading →

A Poem by Phree:

Accountability How painful it has been to be loved by me. How sad a story. My exes got tired of playing me the worlds smallest violin. Became exhausted from my excuses excusing my abusive behavior. My patterns an emotional rollercoaster; A hamster wheel: A cycle of repetition; Of generational connections; A few of my lovers... Continue Reading →

A Poem by Robin Gow:

The Contortionist(s)              After Greer Lankton  1. You take the new moon between your legs and do a hand stand. In the corner, your gender promises you it’s almost over. 2. When I was a child, I loved to play with my video camera. It had little tapes full of my fingers. Our voices  turned into... Continue Reading →

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