We Used to be Tomboys:

I read too much where the author changed the pronoun but little else when they could embody the experience of being outside the gender expectations of our Western culture. That then is the motivation. What will follow is a series of posts/chapters to share what I found. There will be lists in places, academic articles, personal stories and more.

Global Arts Fund

"Established in 2013 and building on our legacy of funding for the arts, Astraea’s Global Arts Fund supports, showcases and connects impactful art by LGBTQI people and organizations that are using art as a tool for social transformation and have limited access to resources for this critical work." I recently came across this organization and... Continue Reading →

We Had No Rules: a review

Corinne Manning Arsenal Pulp Press, May 12, 2020 Corinne Manning’s debut collection of short stories takes us into the messy world on contemporary queer life, navigating assimilition versus rebellion and fitting in versus belonging. Written in the first person, the narrators tell of gay divorces, break ups, hilarious at times, sexy as hell at others,... Continue Reading →

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