3:14 am

by Aaron Chavez.

(Trigger Warning: implied SA, suicidal ideation)

Popcorn ceilings 

Battery 16%

Is typing…..


Demon time.




2 years

The moment haunts you

It repeats, every graphic detail

Every second

Every nerve of pain

His anger, your fear

Over and over

Over and over.

1 year ago

He kisses your neck

Begging you to indulge

You freeze in fear and confusion

I’ve seen this before.

6 months

You gotta forget about it somehow                                                                       

Only to make it worse

Fuck this shit. 

Fuck this shit.

It rains outside

And the showers moisten my scalp 

And my cheeks with the salt of my tears

I’ve always hoped to wake up

But I’m not sure if I should anymore. 

Poet Statement: Aaron wrote, “my work concentrates on writing from my experiences as a Queer Latinx man growing up in the Midwest, expanding on internal conflicts of lost identity and external inequities that I have encountered, like racial discrimination, homophobia, sexual trauma, and social exile. I feel that GQL is a great opportunity to contribute these experiences to let readers know that they are not alone.”


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Photo by Sarah Leamy www.sarahleamy.com

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